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Beginner's Guide: How to Access Therapy Services without Putting Your Life on Hold

One of the few constants in life is that it is always changing. People change jobs, expand their family, move, travel, add vitality to their life, or go through changes in health and wellbeing. DotCom Therapy was created to provide access to therapy services for all people, regardless of location. Teletherapy allows for services to be provided, no matter what your daily routine, commitments, or proximity to a clinic are. When therapy is needed, access to an in-person therapist is not always feasible. Providing therapy through an online platform is not only convenient and private, but allows the patient access to expert therapy services from the comfort of their own space.

At DotCom Therapy, we wanted to make it practical for a busy mom or dad to be making dinner while observing their child receiving speech therapy at the kitchen table on the family's iPad. We wanted the jet-setting professional to be able to access their therapy sessions from Asia one week and Europe the next. Traveling retirees do not have to put plans on hold to stay home and go to therapy any longer. They are now able to continue an active lifestyle with therapy being a compliment to their daily adventures. 

Life should be enjoyed to the fullest. Because DotCom Therapy was built upon that cornerstone, we have created ways for therapy to be an easy addition to the day. Ultimately, we are bringing convenience and expertise to you from anywhere you have an internet connection... And we are so excited about it!

[The picture used with this post was recently taken on my honeymoon in Greece and acts as a reminder that beautiful experiences in life should be coupled with the security of being able to access healthcare services when needed from nearly anywhere in the world.]


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