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Local business gives back by supporting non-profits for children with disabilities

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Rachel Robinson and Emily Purdom saw a need for speech therapy not just in our area, but around the world. So many people can benefit from speech therapy, but the problem is, not everyone has access to the help they need.

Robinson and Purdom founded Dotcom Therapy, a teletherapy company that gives everyone access to speech therapy via the internet.

"We can work with articulation, we can work with language, like individuals with autism," said Dotcom Therapy speech language pathologist Elise Mitchell. "We work with social skills, like in individuals with autism. We work with the elderly population - dementia, swallowing disorders because of strokes. We can work with individuals who need accent modification. We can work with individuals who have voice disorders because they've overused their voice. The sky's really the limit."

read more and watch video at KY3 - http://www.ky3.com/news/local/local-business-gives-back-by-supporting-nonprofits-for-children-with-disabilities/21048998_36380322

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