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SBJ Article: A Conversation With Emily Jones

Why start DotCom Therapy?
We have been developing this company about a year, but we officially founded it in March. We, Rachel and I, wanted to come up with a solution for this problem we had identified. We went to graduate school together and were research partners. She was working in a neuro clinic here in Springfield and I was working in the education field down in Branson, and we really saw a need. There is a lack of therapists in general. Patients who come through the hospital and need a specific therapy – whether it be rehab after a stroke or voice therapy related to Parkinson’s disease – the doctor recommend to them, there aren’t enough therapists to fill the need. The neuro clinic she worked for had a huge wait list. I was seeing kids who I couldn’t actually make it to see. They would be receiving their speech therapy from a teacher and I would just be supervising.

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