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2017-2018 DotCom Therapy MVP Award Winners

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DotCom Therapy would like to congratulate the recipients of our 2017-2018 MVP Award. Each individual went above and beyond in demonstrating our company mission & constitution. To our therapists, our facilitators, and our parents, we thank you! Read below to see some of the amazing praise for our winners!

Lidiette Hamilton: "She has been incredibly supportive as I get up and running and I know first-hand that she has been an amazing advocate for an evidence-based bilingual therapy approach. I feel like I might be a little lost without her leading the way and am incredibly grateful to be working alongside her!”

Sara Kaiser: "Sara is the most wonderful facilitator and advocate for her son. She is committed to helping her son make progress through SPELL-Links and goes above and beyond to assist in sessions and complete outside practice too.”

Taylor Swinford: "Taylor takes time out of her busy schedule to help answer any of my questions. In fact, she zoomed me at 9:45 pm on a Sunday night to walk me through a process that took 45 minutes. I cannot thank her enough for her patience, knowledge, and support!”

Rhonda Langley and Debbie Mooneyham: "These two have really stepped up and ensured that therapy happened seamlessly in Jesse's absence. They are even working on a grant for a new device for therapy sessions! They always have a positive attitude and have been a joy to work with!”

Nicole Pounds: "Nicole volunteered a [significant] amount of her time to look up Tanzania speech development sounds and create content to assist that community. In addition, she vocalizes such a passion for what DCT is doing that it's hard not to get off the phone with her without a big smile on your face.”

Katie Mute-Otto: "Katie is always ready to help out! She is very easy to get in touch with, and she helps the therapy day at our school run smoothly by making the schedule visible to the teachers and paraprofessionals in the room and getting the next students when it is their turn.”

Ashley Branstetter: "Ashley is always willing to help our therapists with Therapy Log training and questions. She has also offered one-on-one support to our therapists outside of Therapy Log. Ashley is wonderful to work with and has really supported DotCom Therapy in Missouri!

Stefani McBratney: "Stefani truly represents the DotCom Therapy culture. She greets all team members with a smile on her face and is always willing to help those new to our team. She goes above and beyond to support her school and always expresses joy when referencing her job.”

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