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DotCom Therapy Welcomes 2017

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Today marks the first Monday of 2017, and we are popping at the seams to share what’s on our mind! As co-founders of DotCom Therapy, we have spent the last few weeks in thoughtful exploration of how we envision the new year: our hopes, dreams and plans of execution. With a vision of making therapy services available to everyone, everywhere- here are our guiding values when we think about kicking it all off.


1. Be the best place to work for therapists. Period.

We recognize that the quality of DotCom Therapy’s professional health services are driven by the talents and abilities of our therapists. Take our word for it, in 2016 we experienced wonderful growth of our #DCTfamily. Diligently, talented therapists were interviewed for their clinical abilities, our course, but also for their passion in advocating for an innovative form of service delivery. These caring, confident professionals that we fondly refer to as DotCom Therapists™ are collaborating, sharing and pouring positive energy into the lives of their remote colleagues, in addition to providing life-changing therapy services. This is a big deal. In return, it’s our commitment to shape the virtual office to be even more meaningful and benefitting to the ultra-deserving therapists that are the heartbeat of what we do. Oh yes, we’ve got plans, and we cannot wait to deliver!


2. Advocate for teletherapy delivery and highest standards of practice in as many places as possible.

Credentials allow therapists the ability to perform services through an online platform, but we are raising the bar. As co-founders of a progressive, innovative company we are charged with setting standards within our organization that foster the most successful outcomes possible. It is our desire that these expectations in advanced service delivery can be presented to others in our field and supporting fields. Together, we are defining the role in what teletherapy will mean and how it will be perceived by stakeholders for decades to come. We are so thankful for the speaking engagements already lined up for 2017 but if you see us in an airport on our last leg en route to a different location, feel free to push us back up to standing. DotCom Therapists are changing the face of innovative service delivery and our goal is to raise that banner high.

3. Listen.

How can we become better leaders? Listen to those around us. Seek out added conversations. Step out of comfort zones. In order for DotCom Therapy to be most successful, we have to continually push ourselves. Bring it on, this is what we have signed up for! Challenging at times? Yes- but always rewarding. Our highest value is in connecting those who need skilled therapy with an experienced, specialized therapist to meet their needs, and that is exciting.


4. Celebrate every success.

Success for us is defined as one further step toward our mission. We can’t say it enough, "Making therapy available to everyone, everywhere.” There are many barriers to traditional therapy delivery such as location of provider, therapist shortage, availability, convenience- the list can go on quite a while. Every time a new therapist joins our team, we are a step closer toward our goal. Each new state entered is progress for further defining the highest provision of services delivered. Each opportunity we are given to hear the successes of daily therapy sessions or state-level improvements toward progressive telepractice regulations- let’s celebrate! This is what it is all about. These are steps toward every person being able to access skilled therapy services.

5. Share the journey.

With a revolutionary vision as the cornerstone of DotCom Therapy values, it’s imperative for us as co-founders to be transparent and consistent. The journey is multifaceted, from team building experiences to advocacy to traveling and  immersing ourselves in the culture of the communities we serve. We want to share this journey with you or whoever happens to land on our Twitter feed!

Please know, we are accessible and want to help start and facilitate conversations that will serve the greater good of those who require skilled therapy services.

You can follow us both or reach out on twitter @SLPRachel and @PurdomEmily or on instagram/twitter @DotComTherapy.

Happy New Year! May 2017 be memorable!


Rachel Robinson M.S. CCC-SLP and Emily Purdom Ed.S. CCC-SLP

Co-Founders of DotCom Therapy®

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