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DotCom Therapy December Spotlight: Emily Olsen, MSW, LCSW

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I am so excited to announce our December Spotlight, Emily Olsen!! Emily is one of our amazing mental health professionals who is being showcased this month because of her dedication to her school district and providing quality therapy services to her students.  Emily has reportedly worked to make sure all students receiving services from her have plans in place to assist teachers and parents with generalization in the natural environment.  So, let’s get to know our December rock star better!

1.) What made you want to become a Social Worker?

I have always wanted to help people.  I grew up in a family full of teachers and a Speech Language Pathologist, so I was surrounded by helping professions.  One day when I was young, my father took my sister and I for a drive around town.  We often did this - with us telling him which direction to turn and just seeing where we would end up.  That day he picked our route and drove us past some wealthy neighborhoods and my sister and I marveled at the huge houses.  He then drove us by much much smaller houses - this was my first real introduction to poverty.  My father explained to us that as we grew up and interacted with people around us, it was important to remember that not everyone had the same opportunities as others, but that we should treat everyone the same.  This made a huge impact on me and inspired my desire to be a Social Worker.  I wanted to use my career to advocate for people around me and to work to ensure that everyone had access to the same rights and opportunities as I had been fortunate enough to have.  I then went on to get my LCSW to be able to provide counseling services to those who needed them.  I wanted to help fill the mental health gap.

2.) What made you want to join the DotCom Therapy team?

My mother used to be (retired in October) the director of the Speech Language and Hearing Clinic at Missouri State University and had several of the DotCom SLPs in class.  She let me know that DotCom was hiring Mental Health Practitioners and that I should look into it.  I was pregnant with my second little boy at the time and working 50 plus hours a week at a hospital  and thought that joining the DotCom team would be an amazing opportunity.  I could work from home, set my schedule, do the school/daycare run around and still get to do the job I love.  I could absolutely get behind the DCT mission - "Making therapy services available to everyone, everywhere" See above answer!  So, I had to take the leap of faith!

3.) What has been your favorite thing about teletherapy?

I think number one is definitely the team and the population we work with.  I have never before worked in such a supportive, positive environment.  The DCT team is made of up truly earnest, positive, hardworking practitioners.  We provide such needed services and do so with such integrity. I am currently working with teenagers and I LOVE that age group.  They are at a time in their life that you can really build a relationship, make an impact and help to create change in their lives.  Teletherapy is a perfect way to do that because technology is a huge part of the teenage life. Number two is definitely setting my schedule and being able to be at my children's events and take them to school and pick them up.  That is such quality time.

4.) Fill in the blank.  When I’m not working, you’ll most likely find me….

With my family....on a river, in a cabin, in a canoe, in a tent, in the woods or working on our 1992 15 passenger van we just bought to turn into a mini family RV to see the world!

I know I really enjoyed getting to know Emily better and can see daily how her passions line up with DotCom Therapy’s mission.  A special thank you to Emily for her dedication to providing quality therapy to those in need!

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