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In the Spirit of Ali’s Birthday Week... Meet Our Office Manager, Ali Day-Walkman!

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DotCom Therapy makes customer service and therapist satisfaction a priority.  Neither of these things could be achieved without our amazing Office Manager, Ali Day-Walkman, who celebrated her birthday on January 3rd.  She is the person you hear when you call the DCT Office and the friendly face you see when you come visit.  The DotCom Therapy Management Staff and therapists wanted to take a moment to express why we all love and value Ali so much.

"Some of my favorite things about Ali are her energy, determination and positive attitude. She takes on new challenges with a smile on her face and always puts in 110%. Whenever you walk into the office you are greeted with a warm welcome. Even during busy and stressful times in the office Ali has a simple elegance about her and truly remarkable energy. She is our pint sized power force and the perfect addition to the DCT family!” -Rachel Robinson, DCT Co-Founder

"Ali is just the sweetest lady I have met!  She would bend over backwards to help me do anything I might need.  She always has a smile on her face and is a positive mood changer when I see her.  She is a bright light in this world!”- Julie Tobash, DCT Bookkeeper

"I sent Ali an email once asking for something and then I found out she had already done it! Mind reading abilities??!!! A - Authentic L - Likable I - Insightful. Ali is so upbeat and positive you can't help but smile when you interact with her. She is a vital role in DCT's ability to provide therapy to everyone, everywhere.”- Dora D., M.S. CCC-SLP

"Ali is amazing in so many ways. I really look forward to working on technical projects with her because of her strong attention to detail and thoroughness. When I'm back in the Springfield office I really look forward to doing more Ali lead team workouts and quick outside walks. I feel like I can learn a lot about fitness and mindfulness from Ali and look forward to that chance. Thank you, Ali.”-Correll Lashbrook, DCT Chief Operations Officer

"I remember my first DCT interview with Ali. She was super nice and put my nerves at ease!”- Molly C. M.S., CCC-SLP

"Ali has a confidence about her that is almost like...a super power! When she says you can do something you feel like…’yes I can’. She is compassionate and approachable, like a sister. She is a perfect first impression at the DCT office, offering coffee and a welcoming smile. I realize Ali's background is in dance, but I feel she's my personal cheerleader.  I am grateful for her mad computer skills and her unyielding patience with me! Blessings to you Ali!”- Stefani M. M.S. CCC, SLP

"Ali is always one step ahead of the game and keeps us on track. She is thoughtful, observant and quick to adapt in an ever-changing startup environment. I appreciate Ali's positivity and mission-minded focus in everything she does. She is so sweet and intentional in her communication with others. Thanks for all you do, Ali!”-Emily Purdom, DCT Co-Founder

"She seems to be incredibly organized and responsive!”- Rachael H, M.S. CCC-SLP

"My favorite thing about Ali is how she juggles a million things at a time, but gets them all done efficiently and effectively! She's like the office super woman!”- Kayla T., M.S. CCC-SLP

For my quote, Ali is a person that you can call on the busiest of days and leave that conversation with a smile.  Our co-founders had us all take a personality test and we found that Ali had the same personality as Mother Teresa...nurturing, thoughtful, and sincere.

Happy Birthday, Ali.  We are so glad you’re a part of our DotCom Family!

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