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Maintaining Your Company’s Mission Focus During Times of Extreme Growth

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The company mission statement - that (seemingly) simple summary that outlines the overall focus of an organization.  The mission statement is, arguably, one of the most powerful tools and the driving factor of an organization and should be the source of focus during times of organizational growth.  I frequently view mission statements as the foundation in which a house is built upon; the solid structure that holds everything up and remains consistent and unfaltering.  That last part is key for today’s blog post: mission statements should be difficult to destroy.  As theoretically easy as that sounds, mission statements and focus are at risk of getting jumbled in the mix, tossed aside, or disregarded during times of growth.

Within my position as Executive Director of DotCom Therapy, I have the benefit of speaking with customers and channel partners, and there’s one thing that I consistently hear from these crucial stakeholders; our organization is overtly service-driven and mission focused.  My personal belief regarding the cause of this is that, simply, we are run by therapists who are familiar with the service-related industry of therapy.  Establishing quality and accessible service provision as the motivation for all company decisions has been relatively simple for us given the specific service-driven skill set that every executive team member possesses.  Even with that dedication to our mission, as a leader I consistently rely on three specific techniques to maintain that mission regardless of rapid growth into other states or sectors.

1.) Avoid Distractions

In today’s world of business, it is extremely easy to get lost in the ever-changing atmosphere of product launch and service expansion.  Launching new products, services or expansion into other sectors is a way to keep your company evolving during such fast-paced times; however, during that expansion, it is easy to slip off the tracks and go down a path that no longer aligns with the company’s foundation: your mission.  To stay focused when piloting a service or testing a new product, confirm that it is an extension of your overall mission prior to wasting funds and energy implementing something that increases the risk of adding confusion to your brand for prospective customers or partners.

2.) Avoid "Warm-Body Hiring”

Because rapid growth results in significant staffing needs, it is important to maintain hiring standards within your organization.  A desperate "warm-body” hire will fix an immediate need but will additionally open the door for increased customer churn due to mediocre service provision and product support, increased overhead cost due to higher need of supervision and managerial time, and/or other risks that will last longer than the initial rapid-staffing-need.  Take your time, set your standards high, and in the meantime, be transparent with your customers in times of staffing difficulty as opposed to placing a bad apple in the mix that increases your risk of compromising your overall mission.

3.)  Maintain Company Culture

A mission statement can become just that - simply a statement - unless it is apparent within every branch of the company and internally advocated for. Every aspect of your company needs to reflect your mission and it all starts with your employees.  If your employees don’t understand or support your mission, the mission will get lost in translation. It’s best practice to set aside a good amount of company funds for thorough and high quality training, quarterly team meetings, team building activities and other projects that make the founders and leaders visible to employees and make the mission statement a cornerstone for all that is done.   Additionally, it’s essential to create an environment that allows for all employees to have a platform that allows them to generate ideas that act as extensions of the mission. Retrospectively, some of my most professionally recognized achievements were as a result of a staff member or therapist voicing the need for change all within the parameters of our company focus. Listen to your employees and maintain an internal culture that has your mission as the center focus.

No matter what, keep your foundation strong and the rest will fall into place. Wherever you are on your journey, I wish you and your company a happy growth process, and I look forward to seeing your mission grow.





As Executive Director, Elise leads the charge for industry innovation by selecting and managing competent and certified executive team members and establishing and maintaining strategic partnerships to prioritize high quality service. Additionally, Elise oversees company operations and establishes policy and procedures within the company to promote delivery of consistent and appropriate teletherapy services. Elise’s deep-seeded belief that therapy is a right, not a privilege, lays the foundation for her role as executive director and ensures her actions advocate for, and will continue to promote, the highest quality service possible.

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