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Meet Our April Spotlight: Lisa Perez, M.S. CCC-SLP

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Lisa Perez is one of our amazing bilingual speech-language pathologists. I’m honored to present her as this month’s spotlight as someone that has been highly praised by her current districts. The memory about one of my first encounters with Lisa will forever be one I cherish; she was a highly experienced therapist that had her life turned upside down due to Hurricane Harvey. The DotCom Therapy Team has been honored to join hands with Lisa during that  journey and watched her continue provide amazing services, with a smile on her face every day, despite that shake up of life. Read on to get to know this amazing therapist better!

1.) What made you want to become a speech therapist?

I was a bilingual kindergarten teacher for four years and always found it interesting that I would send my Spanish-speaking students off to speech therapy with a therapist who only spoke English. After talking with the therapist and doing a little research, I discovered that there was a huge need for bilingual speech-language pathologists. I started looking more into speech pathology as a career and as soon as the school year ended, I resigned from my teaching position, applied to graduate school and the rest is history! It's one of the best decisions I've ever made...I truly love my job!

2.) What made you want to join the DotCom Therapy team?

To be completely honest, I had been curious about teletherapy for a while, but was too afraid to make a change. After all, I had been working in a nearby school district for nine years with wonderful colleagues, fantastic students and a great boss. What more could I ask for? About a week before the new school year began, however, I was informed that my position with the district had been eliminated. I was upset but began to reach out to other districts in my area. Then Hurricane Harvey happened. My house flooded and my family and I were forced to evacuate and move into a rental house for a few months while ours was rebuilt. It was during that chaotic time that the opportunity to join DotCom Therapy arose. After researching several teletherapy companies, I really felt that DotCom, specifically, was the best fit for me...and boy, was I right! The things I value most about being a speech-language pathologist align perfectly with DotCom's mission. I'm so thankful I decided to take that leap of faith, as I could not be more proud to be a part of this amazing team that is revolutionizing the way speech therapy services are provided!

3.) What has been your favorite thing about teletherapy?

My favorite thing about teletherapy, so far, is the flexibility and awesome work-life balance it provides. I'm not as stressed as I used to be when I was going to five or six campuses every day. (It's also nice to be able to throw in a load of laundry between sessions!) I also love the relationships I've established with my students and their families. Initially, I was worried that I would miss that personal connection, but I've found that I actually have more time and opportunities to get to know the whole family, which helps me to provide the best therapy services possible. The families and I are able to communicate more frequently, and I don't have to wait until the students' annual IEP meetings (which, in my experience, are notorious for being very rushed) to get to know them or discuss their child's progress. If they ever have questions or need to contact me, they know that I'm a quick phone call or email away.  

4.) Fill in the blank.  When I’m not working, you’ll most likely find me….hanging out outside by the pool with my husband, our two kids and our neighbors. And when football season rolls around, you'll definitely find me at Kyle Field cheering on my Texas A&M Aggies or watching the games from home (i.e. yelling at the t.v.)! ;)

Thank you to Lisa for being a part of our family and for providing such amazing services to our partner schools. If you are interested in working alongside amazing therapists like Lisa, please check out our Therapist Page

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