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Month One of my Tele-Journey

Hey all, 

First of all, tune in to KY3 tomorrow morning, or look on www.ky3.com, to watch myself and the founders discuss DotCom Therapy!! They filmed it from my office and I was able to call the founders of the company who are currently in Alaska representing DotCom Therapy. It was wonderful to get to speak about the amazing company I work for and the current and future patients that we help.

So, I just wanted to update everyone on my tele-journey with DotCom Therapy.  First of all, it is crazy how many questions I am getting! I love that.  That confirms that telepractice is something that excites people.  Fellow SLPs are curious about what it’s like to work from home, parents wonder what it’s like working with their children via computer, and professionals wonder what their organization needs to utilize it.   It is very exciting.

Ok, now to answer the questions:

What were you most surprised about? I have to say that my biggest surprise was how much teletherapy was like actual therapy.  I mean, I forget that I’m even on my computer a lot of times.  I myself have a tendency to overthink things and I was very nervous the first day.  I realized quickly, though, that there was nothing to be nervous about.  I was doing therapy like I had always done therapy. 

What is your favorite thing about telepractice? I have a few favorite things, actually.  Obviously, the reason I switched to this job was because I wanted more time at home with my children.  That will always be one of my favorite things about this job: flexible hours. Something else I really like is the ability to work from home because I get to rotate laundry while on my breaks.  Laundry is a big deal in my house and having extra time to complete it, I mean it’s like winning the lottery…a pathetic kind of lottery.  Last but not least, I really love that I’m working with people that normally wouldn’t be able to get services.  I forget how often children and/or adults are unable to get necessary speech therapy services because of location, hours, etc. 

What populations have you been working with? I have mainly been working with school districts.   I provide direct therapy to some students and then I provide indirect services, i.e. implementer supervision, to others.  It all depends on the district and the best delivery model for each student.

Isn’t teletherapy hard when working with kids?  Actually, it’s not.  I quickly learned that technology is a huge motivator for children.  Not just that, but a lot of my school-age students know more about computers than I do.   Also, it’s nice being able to have the internet there to constantly pull resources from while doing therapy.

What are your personal goals with this company?  Ok, nobody has really asked me this but I ask myself it a lot.  I want to help make DotCom Therapy a household name.  I am tired of hearing about school districts searching desperately for therapists. I am tired of hearing about people recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s that don’t receive speech therapy because they work from 9-5.  I am tired of children in underprivileged areas not receiving the services they need.  I know that the founders of DotCom Therapy started the company to target these things and "make therapy available to everyone, everywhere.”

I appreciate you all so much for being a part of my journey with DotCom Therapy. Keep your questions coming!

Elise Mitchell, M.S. CCC-SLP
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