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The DotCom Therapy Team Remembers Mentor + Therapist Christy Long on Her Birthday

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As our friends and family know, the DotCom Therapy team lost a highly loved, respected and adored therapist, Christy Long, in 2017.  At DotCom Therapy, we always recognize and celebrate birthdays together as a team. As we approach Christy’s birthday on March 31st, we wanted to share some of our favorite memories and stories as we remember our beloved therapist, mentor, friend and advocate.

"Christy and I were ‘Team Alaska’, meaning we both served students in Alaska. She was always available for new ideas or to chat virtually. Christy was so thoughtful. One story that sticks out to me specifically is last school year when I was going through some health issues and needed to decrease my work load, Christy graciously took over my largest school and never complained. She was a gem of a therapist and the entire DCT team misses her sparkle!” -Megan Martin, DotCom Therapist

"She was one of the first therapists I reached out to about starting a career with DotCom Therapy. She was very passionate about this company and willing to answer any and all of my questions.  She had such a bubbly personality and I could tell she would go out of her way to help anyone. "-Kaiti Rader, DotCom Therapist

"Christy taught me to be the best version of myself in all that I do. She taught me what it was like to put my passions into my work and to my life aspirations. She taught me how to advocate for myself, how to appreciate all that was around me and and how to be the best therapist I could be. Above all, she taught me what it was like to have a friend who showed unconditional support. She showed me this in her frequent messages to me asking me when I backpacked abroad this summer. She would ask me about everything, from what I was doing, how I was doing, what I was eating, to everything in between. When I returned to the US, she had a list of questions for me about my "favorite parts" of everything. In fact, she was the first one to text me when I landed! No, I never had a friend who shared my enthusiasm for life and humor towards absolutely anything quite like Christy. I guess this was why we were such good friends! I guess this is why she was my FIRST friend at DotCom. But Christy lives on in me and everything I do and I try to be a little more like her every day that goes by. We miss you, Christy!”-Marie Menyes, DotCom Therapist (Marie also paid homage to Christy in a touching blog found here.)

"Christy loved her job and was always the first person willing to help other therapists. She was generous with her time and in sharing her knowledge as a seasoned SLP.” -Alyssa Gerrity, DotCom Therapist

"Passion, Christy had passion for everything and everyone she held dear.....God, her family, her students, DotCom Therapy, and me. Yes, me and every single person she met. I had only known Christy for about six months, I truly thought I had a good ‘share of the market’ on this passion of hers. She treated me with such kindness and undivided attention. However, upon her passing, I learned that she made hundreds of people feel this same way. What a blessing she was in my life... and continues to be. I am forever changed from knowing Christy Long.”-Mindy Meier, DotCom Therapist

"Christy was a ray of light within DotCom Therapy.  She always had something positive to say and encouraged those around her.”-Dora Doss, DotCom Therapist

"Although I never got to meet Christy, she played an important role in my DCT journey! A friend introduced me to DCT because he knew Christy through some telepractice groups on facebook. Apparently, her enthusiasm for the company was contagious! After I started working for DCT last fall, I started working with a few students that she used to see. Whenever anyone in the company talks about Christy, it is with very fond memories and great joy. The memories of her inspire me to bring the best of myself to the students: enthusiasm, joy, and genuine interest in them. "-Emily Cecire, DotCom Therapist

My memory is a compilation of a series of meetings where every single time she had some sort of new toy that she was using as a motivator in therapy.  Everything from her kleenex box to her desk decor to her therapy materials were filled with joy. She was a female version of "Buddy the Elf” and you couldn’t leave a meeting with her without a big smile on your face.  

Although this year has been filled with many team-wide tears towards this tremendous loss, we are thrilled to have these amazing memories and will spend March 31st thinking of our dear friend Christy Long.  -Elise Mitchell: Executive Director of DotCom Therapy

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