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Falling in Love With Teletherapy.

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DotCom Therapists share some of the things they LOVE about Teletherapy.

Whether you’re just starting on your journey to becoming a therapist, or you’re a seasoned veteran, it’s always good to take some time to stop and smell the roses (or the Rosé, whichever you prefer).

This Valentine’s Day, DotCom Therapists weighed in to share the things they LOVE the most about the countless benefits of teletherapy. One thing is for sure, no matter where they live or what they do, each and every DotCom Therapist LOVES being able to provide therapy for everyone, everywhere.

"I love working with facilitators to describe what I need from a hands-on perspective and the purpose behind the activities. It’s something you don’t always slow down to do when on-site, but it is so important and impactful in the classroom carryover!” -Emily

Sometimes people hear the word "remote” and think "distant.” Teletherapy is the opposite of distant; it brings people together and creates community. DotCom Therapists do not just log into a session. They engage and communicate and invest their time to produce the highest quality outcomes possible.

"I love that we have such a supportive working environment and therapists who have expertise in so many different areas” -Jesse

"I love that I am able to collaborate with therapists all over the country!” -Jessie

DotCom Therapy has an impressive network of therapists, each with a varied skill set and unique work experience. In setting up a network for therapists to share their knowledge, it ensures the highest quality services going out. The DotCom community is an asset for the therapists and all those receiving our teletherapy services.

"I love that location is removed as a barrier, and, as a professional, I’m paired with a student that needs my specific skill-set” -Elise

"I love that I’m able to meet students all over the country, help them meet their goals, and still have an amazing work and home -life balance!” -Kayla

"I love that I am able to provide services to students and families that they might not otherwise have access to” -Nicole

Using our Virtual Therapy Room™, DotCom Therapists can provide services based on their unique knowledge for the student who needs it most. This means a bilingual therapist in Minnesota can provide Spanish services for a student in Colorado. It also means anyone with a computer and an internet connection can receive quality therapy services.

"I love that I can be clocked out (with paperwork finished!!!) and still have hours of daylight to run or enjoy time outside.” -Stacey

"I love that I can work and still take care of the little bumps that happen in my children’s lives” -Stefani

DotCom Therapy is not just a company. It is a family. Our therapists work from home which offers a space for them to provide exceptional services during their sessions. This also allows for them to invest in their own families and communities. When our therapists are fulfilled outside of "the office,” they bring that passion and energy into their sessions to provide the highest quality care possible.

"I love that it takes away transportation [problems] and deficiencies in family support as a barrier to children receiving mental health services. A child doesn’t have to rely on the parent fitting the therapy appointment into their schedule; they can see the therapist as a part of their school day. It  also helps remove the social stigma to accessing mental health services in the community and solves the problem of a lack of services geographically available.” -Emily



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