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    "What do you do?” Is a question I encounter at nearly any social engagement I attend. For many years, my reply of "I’m a speech-language pathologist,” was often met with a quizzical look that softened after a quick explanation . Now, when I answer that I am the co-founder of DotCom Therapy (DCT)- an online therapy company, their head begins to spin.  I realize being labeled an online teletherapist in the already confusing world of speech therapy needs some clarity.  

No, I am not from the future. No, this is not done over the telephone. No, robots aren’t involved.

The concept of delivering speech services to individuals around the world while stationed at home is about as foreign a concept as tweeting would be to Elvis. It is becoming more common though, and it is truly amazing. As futuristic as it may appear, telemedicine has been around since the 80’s. However, up until recently it has been misunderstood and rarely implemented.

As an online therapist, you are treating the same things that a speech therapist would if they were there in person (if not more). We are still treating articulation, language, literacy, voice and fluency, but here is the kicker….your therapist is in their home office and you are in your least restrictive environment. What’s not to love?!

It’s truly a fascinating field to be in. At DotCom Therapy’s inception, I would spend my morning working with children from rural Missouri discussing the upcoming local fair and after lunch working with children in remote Alaskan villages. Stories about weekends spent ice fishing and eating walrus soup became as much of a norm to me as tee-ball and PB&J.  

Additionally, my company connects our therapists with one-another and provides for a unique work culture. Our online therapists are rich with speech therapy knowledge expanding across states, populations and specialties. Now, if a therapist has a patient with a special need that they may not be proficient or experienced at working with they can reach out to a specialist for advice. Just like you could talk to your primary doctor about a heart condition, it is best to seek treatment from a cardiologist. We use the same model. DotCom Therapy encourages growth and education within our team, pushing them to pursue their passions in the field and share invaluable experiences.

Being a DCT therapist means that you work in schools, homes and hospitals around the globe meeting individuals spanning all ages and encountering different obstacles with their communication.

So….What do I do? " I am the co-founder of an online therapy company where I employ virtual therapists to make therapy available to everyone, everywhere.” And even more exciting news? We’re now offering occupational therapy and mental health services too!

How cool is that?  

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