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What a year! 2017 in review.

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Looking Back with Gratitude. As we look back on the adventure that was 2017, we, as co-founders and an organization, are humbled to be making tremendous progress toward the mission of making therapy available to everyone, everywhere.  

We give all the credit for the company’s tremendous growth this year to our team. Reflecting on all that has happened, we fully recognize and appreciate the fact that our family of DotCom Therapists and our internal team are the individuals laying the foundation for [what we believe to be] a complete and necessary shift in the health-tech industry. These professionals took a chance in transitioning to work for our growing startup company with a focused mission, championing telepractice as an incredible and viable service delivery model. In light of this progress, we wanted to share some of the things that stood out to make 2017 an unforgettable year for all of us here at DotCom Therapy.

The Best of 2017 for DotCom Therapy

  1. Rolling out the Bennys. The flexibility of working from anywhere doesn’t always include the stability of health benefits. This year, DotCom Therapy changed that.

In 2017, we introduced comprehensive health benefits for our team of employees. From the beginning, we wanted to prioritize our therapists and treat them well so they could offer the best therapy services possible. Although we are still working to do more for this incredible group of changemakers working hard to transform the face of traditional therapy, this was great progress for DotCom Therapy. With these exciting improvements for our team, we can easily say our favorite strategy meetings of 2017 were those in which we implemented and monitored our action plan for improved well-being and satisfaction of all team members.

  1. The Mentor Program. So, you’ve started a new job which means being thrown into a pool without a giant pink flamingo float and you don’t know how to swim. Wait a minute. That’s not going to work for us. This year, DotCom Therapy implemented a program to provide all new team members the proper floatation devices.

When we first started providing teletherapy and creating what would become DotCom Therapy, we were each others’ biggest support system. We know that providing the same, evidence-based practices in home or on-site in a therapy room through an online platform comes with a huge responsibility. Together, we shared activities, struggles, funny first-sessions stories, etc. It was through this bond as co-founders and confidants that we learned to be comfortable, not only behind a computer screen but with our colleagues, excited to share the journey. This year, to honor our commitment to our therapists, we introduced our mentorship program in which every new employee at DotCom Therapy, whether they are a first-time telepractitioner or join the family as a seasoned veteran of online therapy provision, has the opportunity to be matched with a mentor.

It’s not just clinical mentorship that is most important. It’s the introduction to other team members, the ability to practice sessions on the platform before their first time at a new school, or the even-more-exciting "first day” good luck wishes from the mentor to mentee across our company-wide internal communication channel. We want everyone to be comfortable from Day 1 within this ever improving work-from-home environment.

  1. The TeleAcademy® When it comes to delivering the best therapy to everyone, everywhere, our therapists need the right tools. This year, DotCom Therapy took a step in offering those tools in a convenient way.

In addition to the mentor program, the best thing one can do when learning to embrace a new company culture [and even a new service delivery method] is to have the ability to take various video courses, on their own time. From example sessions to veteran teletherapists speaking on relevant topics of adoption within this style of service, DotCom Therapy’s The TeleAcademy was implemented and continues to grow alongside the organization. Included in our mission to prioritize our team members, our hope is that our therapists feel consistently supported and connected, and this is a great step in the right direction.

  1. Online Audiologists? Yes! Introducing: Teleaudiology. In our mission to deliver therapy services to everyone, everywhere, this year, we  broke barriers to expand our services.

For students with disabilities, including hearing loss, connected care teams can be incredibly influential in helping to create the best outcomes. We have found [as many within the special education world probably have as well] a distinct barrier to convenient and consistent access to audiologists. An expert in this area can confidently lead teams toward success through best practices and feedback, which is why we chose to strategically implement this service-offering to our partner schools.

That said, if you have followed the journey of DotCom Therapy, you will know that service efficacy is an important priority for us, so we are working with the Missouri State University (MSU) audiology department in a focused study to ensure and further substantiate consistent outcomes through an online platform. As a company founded by MSU alumni [#GoBears!] we are happy that this year our Executive Director, Elise Mitchell, began working closely with the university to orchestrate this project, a partnership that we hope will add immense industry credibility to this needed service.

  1. Moving the Needle. We believe that what we’re doing matters, and in 2017, we have found that we’re not the only ones that feel that way.

This year, the DotCom Family grew to over 100 people strong. We are now providing services in 20+ states in addition to work in China, Mexico, Thailand, Canada, Nicaragua & Tanzania. With both of us relocating to Madison, Wisconsin and diving into the entrepreneurial community, we were overwhelmed with the amazing support and acknowledgement of our mission.

Looking Forward with Gratitude. 2017 was pretty great for us, and now we have to look ahead. So, what’s in store for 2018, you ask? A lot.

As we move into 2018 and continue this incredible journey, we invite you to follow along and check out our upcoming blog post as we outline our continuing initiatives and goals.

As we sign off and roll into this new year, we thank you for following along and being a significant part of the DotCom Therapy journey. Your support helps us make therapy available to everyone, everywhere. As co-founders, we are honored to lead this organization and take part in validating the changing face of healthcare access.

If you have any questions, comments, or needs, please reach out. We would love to hear from you! You can reach us here:

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With our deepest gratitude,

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