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Difficulty with producing speech sounds correctly
AAC (Augmentative and alternative communication)
Aid or replace speech and increase ability to communicate using low or high tech systems
Speech Intelligibility
Clarity of overall verbal communication
Accent Modification
Shaping dialectal speech differences to improve conversational flow; corporate speech pathology available for company-wide consultation
Early Intervention
Family-centered strategies to promote age-appropriate development of speech and language skills
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Improving language abilities for use in social interactions and daily communication
Parkinson’s Disease
Traditional voice therapy or Lee Silverman Voice Treatment® eLOUD to improve vocal quality, loudness and overall communication
Voice Therapy
Treatment to improve vocal function and improve communication effectiveness
The unintentional occurrence of blocks, repetitions, omissions, and/or prolongations during speech
Traumatic Brain Injury
Direct or indirect injury to the brain ranging from minor (concussion) to severe that can impact cognitive-linguistic communication including: attention, memory, problem solving, safety awareness etc
Language Therapy
Expressive and/or receptive intervention to improve overall communication
Stroke Rehabilitation
Rehab to treat acquired Aphasia (expressive, receptive and global), cognitive decline and/or speech deficits following a stroke
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I cannot speak highly enough of DotCom Therapy. My family and I live in  China  so when my daughter was diagnosed with apraxia we knew finding appropriate services and support would be virtually impossible. DotCom Therapy have been amazing - flexible, encouraging, professional...there aren't enough appropriate adjectives! My daughter's progress has been amazing and my family and I consider our therapist a friend who has consistently gone over and above for us. We are incredibly grateful. ...
I would have to say so far teletherapy is going great and the students are always so ready to come and transition to speech. It is amazing to see how well the students have grasped ipads and use the technology, how focused they are and intrigued about learning their sounds... Our DotCom Therapist is in constant communication with the teachers and myself to ensure there is no scheduling conflict. ...
....the students were engaged the whole time and the DotCom Therapist™ was very enthusiastic!
Process Coordinator
[Our DotCom Therapist™] has been amazing! She is super knowledgeable and really seems to know her students’ needs even after only a few sessions. Parents and teachers have been pleased so far with her participation at IEP meetings. ...
Special Education Teacher
Dotcom Therapy has radically changed my teaching practice.  Previously, as a special education teacher in the bush of Alaska, I received consultation only from speech therapists at minimum of three times a year for 15 minutes at a time.  My students received indirect services through myself, who had no speech therapy training or resources.  Now, my students receive direct services from a trained speech therapist several times a week.  Some of my students can participate independently, while others need someone on my side to supervise.  Additionally, I collaborate weekly with a Dotcom Therapist.  Our collaboration includes discussions about how I can support the student in the classroom, learning about assistive technology, and getting answers to my questions to improve my practice.  Now, instead of simply consulting three times a year with a therapist who mainly evaluates and suggests goals, I can really support my students and their language development throughout each and every week.  Additionally, both therapists I have worked with have been available and willing to answer questions outside of our scheduled sessions.  I love Dotcom Therapy!  The collaboration, the direct services, and the support has been a radical new experience for both my students and myself.  Even better, most of my students love working with both Rachel and Emily.  When Rachel and Emily visit, they spend time to build relationships with my students and it pays off during the teletherapy sessions.  I have nothing but positive reviews for Dotcom Therapy!!...
Special Education Teacher
DotCom Therapy has been extremely beneficial for students who need speech-language services. The DotCom team individually plans each session to meet the needs of the students. Therapy sessions conveniently fit into daily schedules, allowing for students to get the extra support from a licensed therapist. I would highly recommend DotCom Therapy to anyone looking for excellent individually structured speech therapy on a flexible schedule. ...
Special Education Teacher
I am a teacher in Chefornak, Alaska. I live in a remote area of Western Alaska, where the only way in or out of our village is by plane, or boat in the summertime. That said, I must also say that medical and educational services are hard to come by at times. For instance, my village has a medical clinic, but we do not have nurses or doctors. Our health needs are taken care of by nurses aides, for example. Our educational system is much the same way. My village has a school staffed with certified teachers, but we do not have the luxury of having a speech therapist on staff, as many schools do in the lower 48. What does help our school is DotCom Therapy, which is presented to my students every Friday via the internet. My students like to interact with their therapist and they like the new technology of "talking to someone on a computer”. Concerning their speech and language needs, they have all improved due to DotCom Therapy and I am very happy to receive this service each and every week....
School Administrator
We started DotCom Therapy with one of our students last fall and are very pleased with the results. We were very surprised how quickly our student adjusted to this method of delivery. This student typically displays shyness with new teachers and therapist, but DotCom Therapy seemed to eliminate the initial shyness. Our teachers also benefit from observing these sessions. It gives them the confidence to implement the techniques into their classroom instruction for the student, in turn, expanding the exposure to the much needed therapy. ...
Director of Special Education
DotCom Therapy has provided valuable solutions to our need for speech therapy in rural educational settings. The therapists have been extremely professional in providing direct services, evaluations and supervision of staff. Additionally, therapists have a strong background and understanding of the special education process in a school setting. I know they understand the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA) and the need for proper implementation but most important, as a Director of Special Education, I see that they understand the need for superior and quality services for all students. ...
I’m a mother of two and was blown away by DotCom Therapy. I was apprehensive because it was something I hadn’t heard of before. Not only was the session easy to connect to but the therapist was professional, knowledgeable and put me at ease right away. My 5 year old daughter had fun the whole time and was disappointed when it came to an end. I was happy to participate during the meeting and picked up on ways to work on her speech at home. My daughter and I are looking forward to our next visit. Thank you DotCom Therapy! ...

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