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Through a two-fold interview process, we seek candidates who excel in their given area of specialty and are advocates for innovation in service delivery. These exceptional therapists then join our team of elite DotCom Therapists that are making an impact and give life to our shared mission of making therapy services available to everyone, everywhere. 

Because we value the high quality of the professional health services provided through DotCom Therapy, we facilitate collaboration and stand behind our prioritized remote work culture. You can work from (almost) anywhere and feel incredibly connected to your colleagues! We value your experience and always look for ways to connect your specialized services to people who need them most.

We would love to learn more about you and show you how DotCom Therapy values the professionals that are the heartbeat of everything we do. 

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Marie M.
DotCom Therapist™
I have been searching for teletherapy jobs for years, but I never decided to take the plunge until I found DotCom. I can honestly say, it was the best career decision I ever made. I feel like I have more support, mentorship, guidance, and friends than I did in any physical location job. Not to mention, Logging on for therapy sessions that I know I was given the time to put a lot of thought and planning into makes me even more excited to teach and learn from my students. I highly recommend DotCom to anyone looking to work as a remote therapist! ...
Nicole P.
DotCom Therapist™
I joined the DotCom Therapy team because I was looking for a way to serve students with communication disorders, yet, have a more flexible schedule since I am a mom of two under two.  I found this in DotCom Therapy!  I am able to continue to serve students and families, but DotCom allows me the flexibility to work part time and complete paperwork at times that work for my family (e.g., nap time, bedtime, etc.).  I love being able to work from home, but I still feel like part of the team at the schools I work with.  It truly is the best of both worlds!  I have loved being a part of the DCT team! ...
Christy L.
DotCom Therapist™
It's the best job I've ever had. I can't tell you how nice it is to feel appreciated at work.
DotCom Therapist™
Working for DotCom Therapy for the past 14 months has been incredibly rewarding. Flexible scheduling, supportive administration, and the ability to use technology in therapy has positively changed to way I view our profession. Providing therapy to adults and children all over the world has been empowering as a Speech-Language Pathologist. ...
Erin D.
DotCom Therapist™
Working for DotCom Therapy has been an amazing experience. It is the most positive work environment I have ever been a part of. I love working with a group of people that have similar passions, and who are willing to help make me the best therapist that I can be. As a mom who is always desiring to spend more time with my family, this job provides me with the flexibility and ease of working from home that allows me to have that time. DotCom Therapy has been a huge blessing to me as a professional and as a mom. ...
Kayla T.
DotCom Therapist™
Becoming a tele-therapist was the best decision for me, professionally and personally. I get to provide services to individuals in need, without going out in the cold! ...
Megan M.
DotCom Therapist™
Working as a Speech-Language Pathologist is rewarding and the opportunities are endless. Deciding to say "yes" to the opportunity to join DCT has been the best decision I have made in my career thus far. The flexible scheduling and support of the DCT team are two of my favorite things about this job. I look forward to growing with DCT and empowering more children and adults all over the world!...
Dr. Julie M.
Ph.D. Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate College, Missouri State University Fellow and 2015 Recipient of the Honors of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
I’m excited to see Rachel Robinson and Emily Purdom launch DotCom Therapy! I worked closely with these two women while they were graduate students and was always impressed by their initiative, professionalism, and commitment to excellence. I wasn’t surprised when they first told me about the concept for DotCom Therapy because such innovation has always been typical for Rachel and Emily. I am confident that they will strive to provide optimal access to superior speech-language services for all. ...
Elise M.
Therapy Director for DotCom Therapy
Working with DotCom Therapy has been a blessing both on a personal and professional level. On a personal level, I have been able to devote more time to my family because of the flexibility in scheduling that DotCom Therapy allows. On a professional level, I have the blessing of working with individuals that don't normally have access to skilled therapists and there is something very humbling about that. DotCom Therapy is a therapist-run company; I'm not treated like just an employee, I'm treated like a team member....

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